So people, right? Am I right?

They get themselves into situations. Troubles. Dead ends. Disasters.

And when they do, the rest of us have to help. Oh, sure, we may sigh, swear a little, and feel frustrated that ONCE AGAIN someone needs bail money.

But we help. Either as individuals, or through governmental and charitable institutions we support.

But why? Why do people help other people? If you’re raising money for a charity, that’s the question you’re constantly trying to answer. Here’s what you need to know.

First, charity is rooted in tribalism and survival. It’s an implicit part of…

A small dark figure steals the “O” from a large red sign that says VOTE.
A small dark figure steals the “O” from a large red sign that says VOTE.

Think it’s over once all the votes are counted? Not by a long shot. The Electoral College provides plenty of ways to game the system and I’ll guarantee you that both sides know exactly how this works.

FIRST, Faithless Electors. Electors promise to vote for the presidential candidate who gets the most votes in their state. (Minor variation in NE and ME, which divide them up by district. That’s where those weird one delegate votes come in.)

But — nothing happens to them if they break their promise. …

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The time to rebuild is coming. We must each think about how that should happen, because happen it must.

We are all at fault. Blindness kept us from seeing who was oppressed, abused, left behind, neglected, and left out. Indifference to our national values put evil in power. Arrogance and opportunism kept it there when it became obvious beyond a reasonable doubt that we were headed down a path to lose our democracy. And cowards in positions of responsibility failed to act.

We came so close to losing everything.

The problems are too vast for any one of us to…

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“If you’re at risk, you should just stay home. No reason for everyone else to have to wear a mask.”

“If you don’t like what Trump is doing, then get the hell out of the country.”

Finally, after weeks of thinking through this, I’ve called my final lifelines and friends and I’ve come up with my final answer.

Fuck you.

I’m part of the generation that build the country you’re enjoying. I stood the midwatches in the Navy, spent holidays overseas or on duty. …

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So. First world problem.

My phone is broken. It won’t boot. I’ve tried deleting the cache, reset to factory, all that, everything I can find online.

It won’t boot past logo.

It’s bad broke.

It’s also old. Like an Android S-5.

I know. Don’t rag on me. It’s been fine up until now.

I live on my phone. I do everything on it. BUT, as an over-60, I’m staying home. Which is okay. I have a laptop and we’re launching a new website so I’ll have to be using it anyway. Too tricky to do database and code modifications off…

Young female judo black belt throws man with orange hair in business suit to the ground. It’s supposed to be Trump.
Young female judo black belt throws man with orange hair in business suit to the ground. It’s supposed to be Trump.
Speaker Pelosi and President Trump as young adults.

The Judo of Politics

It really doesn’t do much good to talk about Trump being a malignant narcissist. Yes, it’s useful to put a name on what’s wrong with him, but it doesn’t tell us how to deal with him.

Instead, let’s focus on his behaviors that could very likely spell his downfall.

Trump sees himself as a fighter. As a tough guy, more military than the actual military, somebody who never runs from conflict.

That he cuts and runs when he fails — either through bankruptcy or draft dodging — doesn’t change his own opinion of himself. …

Tell us a better story about ourselves.

If we’ve learned anything over the last few years, it’s this: facts don’t matter.

There are always alternative facts.

Trumps supporters get this. They explain it this way: Trump is truthful, but not factual. That’s at the heart of any Donald Trump speech, position or narrative. He tells the story that his listeners want to hear, no matter how factually inaccurate it might be.

Trump tells stories with a powerful appeal. His stories are about how the listeners are being treated unfairly. They’re about good men and women who want good things, who obey God and have old-fashioned admirable values…

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Why do normal people like Trump? The answer is both incredibly simple and profoundly complex.

Fear of uncertainty.

Fear of the different.

Fear of death.

And it’s all your brain’s fault. Here’s why.

Survival on your mind

Your brain wants you to stay alive. It uses fear to create urgency and rewards you when you engage in activities that increase your odds of survival.

Cyn Mobley

Attorney, CA & TN. Retired naval officer and black belt in Isshinryu. Generally peaceful. Blogs at

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