Can the algorithms save them?

What happens when we keep kids out of school?

They go feral.

If all your kids see is family, that’s all they know. They learn, “This is what people look like,” people who are this color, act like this, dress like this, talk like this.

And why you should be angry about it.

First thing I noticed in England was how many old people were out and about. Natural hair color, canes, carry bags — they were everywhere! On trains, in stores, ambling about, often as couples or in small groups, but just as frequently completely alone.

And everyone acted like it was…

The time to rebuild is coming. We must each think about how that should happen, because happen it must.

We are all at fault. Blindness kept us from seeing who was oppressed, abused, left behind, neglected, and left out. Indifference to our national values put evil in power. Arrogance and…

“If you’re at risk, you should just stay home. No reason for everyone else to have to wear a mask.”

“If you don’t like what Trump is doing, then get the hell out of the country.”

Finally, after weeks of thinking through this, I’ve called my final lifelines and friends…

Young female judo black belt throws man with orange hair in business suit to the ground. It’s supposed to be Trump.

The Judo of Politics

It really doesn’t do much good to talk about Trump being a malignant narcissist. Yes, it’s useful to put a name on what’s wrong with him, but it doesn’t tell us how to deal with him.

Instead, let’s focus on his behaviors that could very likely…

Tell us a better story about ourselves.

If we’ve learned anything over the last few years, it’s this: facts don’t matter.

There are always alternative facts.

Trumps supporters get this. They explain it this way: Trump is truthful, but not factual. That’s at the heart of any Donald Trump speech, position or narrative. He tells the story…

Cyn Mobley

Attorney, CA & TN. Retired naval officer and black belt in Isshinryu. Generally peaceful. Blogs at

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