Trapped in Sprint Hell

Cyn Mobley
3 min readMar 19, 2020
Photo by Jeffrey Blum on Unsplash

So. First world problem.

My phone is broken. It won’t boot. I’ve tried deleting the cache, reset to factory, all that, everything I can find online.

It won’t boot past logo.

It’s bad broke.

It’s also old. Like an Android S-5.

I know. Don’t rag on me. It’s been fine up until now.

I live on my phone. I do everything on it. BUT, as an over-60, I’m staying home. Which is okay. I have a laptop and we’re launching a new website so I’ll have to be using it anyway. Too tricky to do database and code modifications off a phone. Even a smart phone. Screen too small.

SO — I tried ordering new phone. Can’t do that unless I can log into my Sprint account.

To log into my Sprint account, I need to enter a four digit security code that they will text to me. To the broken phone.

Did I mention my phone is BROKEN??

OR — I can use my account number to log in. I can get my account number by logging into my account with my user name, password, and entering the four digit code they are texting to my phone.

My broken phone.

No. It is not on my bank statement or email receipts. It shows up in correspondence as ****nnnn.

So, Verizon? Want a new customer?

Sure they do. And they’ll transfer my number over as soon as I enter my account number.

Which I don’t have. Because my phone is broken and I can’t get my four digit security code.

The solution is for me to go to a Sprint Store. You know, that thing I’m not supposed to be doing because of over 60 and COVID and all.

So meanwhile, I boot up this $20 Trac Phone that in the car in case I need to call 911 and don’t have my phone for some reason. I dunno — it got lost in a multiple vehicle rollover accident but my emergency go kit miraculously survives. That scenario. At any rate. I have an emergency POS flip fone.

Senior friendly, it says. Simple to operate.

I can’t figure out how to text with this POS. No. Seriously. What the F is that smiling grandma doing pushing some weird F’ing button and it’s NOT A TOUCH…

Cyn Mobley

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